Mission & Vision

Be the best construction company in Albania.

Be a leader company in the construction industry in Albania, region and further.

Offering sustainable solutions in the construction industry.

Development of the company in a sustainable way by taking all the social responsibilities that belong to us.

The Company

Ndërpro carries out its commercial activity in the field of construction and specializes in public buildings, civil construction. The object of the company’s activity is studies, design, construction of various objects, building materials production, marketing them, opening lines and new departments for the production of construction materials, consultancy and expertise in the field of study, design and construction. Export – import and wholesale and retail of all types of construction materials and equipment, of various types of goods. We make sure to guarantee the best solutions to our shareholders and stakeholders as well as our customers and our partners by continuing our sustainable development.

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Our core Values. Our Beliefs.


We are proud to be one of the first construction companies in Albania, starting our activity in the beginning of the ‘90s. Since our beginnings we have applied the same standard and for that we are proud.


We respect every individual or institution. We try to be good citizens and take every responsibility that belongs to us.

Winning Mentality

We have been performing good since day one and we will continue to do so.


We work in groups to successfully overcome every challenge and offer a sustainable development.


Our company is a quality leader in the construction industry by implementing modern technologies to offer sustainable development.

Customer Devotement

We see our clients as partners, for this reason we try to offer the best solutions for them.